Emergency Valve Sizing Guide

TMV selection for use with Emergency Fixture Applications*
*Selection Tool only applicable for Bradley Emergency Fixture Products.

Please indicate the type and number of devices you intend to feed directly with your Thermostatic Mixing Valve:

Product Type


Wall Mounted, Pedestal Mounted, Laboratory Units


Halo Eyewash Only

Halo Eye/Face Wash Only

Horizontal or Vertical Supply and Free Standing Drench Showers**

Spintec Drench Shower

Combination Units**

Halo Eyewash & Spintec Shower

Halo Eye/Face Wash & Spintec Shower


TOTAL GPM Requirement:
TMV GPM rating should exceed the GPM Requirement


Calculate Hot Water Flow Requirement for this system.


Flow Capacity - GPM


Part #

30 PSI

45 PSI

60 PSI

Pressure Drop Thru Valve Based on Selections Above

S19-2000  (Technical Data)

7.5 GPM

9.0 GPM

10.5 GPM


S19-2100  (Technical Data)

26.0 GPM

32.0 GPM

37.0 GPM


S19-2150  (Technical Data)

19.5 GPM

25.5 GPM

30.5 GPM


S19-2200  (Technical Data)

53.5 GPM

65.5 GPM

75.5 GPM


S19-2300  (Technical Data)

82.0 GPM

100.5 GPM

116.0 GPM







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Key information for sizing Thermostatic Mixing Valves for Emergency Fixtures:


  1. Determine incoming pressure. Valve flow depends on pressure supplied to valve.
  2. Per ANSI, a minimum of 30 PSI must be supplied to Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment.
  3. EFX items should be on a dedicated supply line so supply will not be disrupted.
  4. The number of units attached to a Thermostatic Mixing Valve will depend on location and flow requirements.
  5. The layout of TMVs must be determined by end user, or installer/plumber.
  6. If calculated amount is higher than valve GPM rating at incoming pressure, additional valves must be used.





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