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April 20

Dry Restroom Floors at Oxford Lanes Bowling Center

Andrew Nieman (owner) researched several hand washing and drying fixtures before updating the men’s and women’s restrooms at Oxford Lanes Bowling Center. His goal was to find a solution that would eliminate a dreaded problem for bowlers: wet restroom floors. ... Read More

April 01

New Design Strategies for a Reputable Restroom

You’ve heard it before: The condition of a restroom shapes a user’s overall image of a facility or establishment. The better the restroom experience, the more positively a stakeholder sees the facility on the whole—and vice versa.

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April 01

Restrooms Take Center Court at Indian Wells

Designed with an 8,000 seating capacity and three five-star dining restaurants, every detail of IWTG's new stadium was intended to enhance guests' experience, comfort, and enjoyment – with the restrooms being a critical element.

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