This guide specification lists Bradley's patient care toilet accessories.  This section is editable using common specification software editing tools.

Commercial and institutional toilet and bath accessories are listed in Bradley's Section 10 28 13.13 COMMERCIAL TOILET ACCESSORIES which may be utilized in conjunction with this specialty section.

Bradley is a trusted leader in the commercial washroom equipment market, offering high quality accessories at a competitive price, fast delivery, and excellent customer service.  Bradley offers a full line of washroom accessories for every application. From high-end office buildings to high-security prisons, Bradley has a product to meet any washroom accessory need.

Custom products are another Bradley specialty, from unusual configurations of grab bars, to modified sizes, Bradley will work with you to provide the products necessary to complete your project.  Bradley Corporation serves a diverse customer base ranging from local business facilities to international corporations like Wal-Mart, General Motors, U.S. Postal Service, and AMC Theaters Corporation.

Architects, engineers, and specifiers look to Bradley Corporation for innovation in design and leadership in the development of environmentally conscious products.  Bradley Corporation, a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance, has several products earning certification by Greenguard Environmental Institute, and Greenguard Children and Schools program.

Bradley eases the specifying process with a seasoned customer service staff and a range of helpful information tools on an advanced website.  Bradley's Universal Design Guide – Washrooms & Showers is available on the Bradley website as a helpful resource when planning commercial toilet room layout.

Bradley premium quality commercial products appear in the following CSI MasterFormat 2010™ Sections:

Section 10 21 13 – TOILET COMPARTMENTS (Mills® Metal, Plastic-laminate, Phenolic, and Plastic units)

Section 10 28 13.13 – COMMERCIAL TOILET ACCESSORIES (Institutional and commercial accessories)

Section 10 28 13.19 – HEALTHCARE TOILET ACCESSORIES (Patient care accessories)

Section 10 28 13.21 – WARM AIR DRYERS (Aerix® hand dryers)


Section 10 28 16 – BATH ACCESSORIES (Hospitality and commercial bath accessories)

Section 10 51 26 – PLASTIC LOCKERS (Lenox® Plastic Lockers)

Section 22 11 19 – DOMESTIC WATER PIPING SPECIALTIES (Thermostatic mixing valves)

Section 22 42 16.01 – COMMERCIAL LAVATORIES AND FAUCETS (Express® and Frequency® Single and multi-station lavatories)

Section 22 42 16.02 – COMMERCIAL LAVATORIES AND FAUCETS (Advocate® lavatories)

Section 22 42 16.03 – COMMERCIAL LAVATORIES AND FAUCETS (Verge™ lavatories)

Section 22 42 16.04 – COMMERCIAL LAVATORIES AND FAUCETS (Lav Decks™ lavatories)



Section 22 42 33 – WASHFOUNTAINS (Sentry™, BradMate™, and Classic washfountains)

Section 22 43 00 – HEALTHCARE PLUMBING FIXTURES (Patient care lavatory units)

Section 22 45 00 – EMERGENCY PLUMBING FIXTURES (Halo™ Emergency eyewash fixtures and showers)


Contact Bradley Corporation, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051, Phone: 800-BRADLEY (800)272-3539,
Fax:  (262)251-5817, or visit the Bradley web site

Bradley Corporation is an AIA/CES registered provider currently offering five programs earning one (1) HS&W Learning Unit each; several qualify for sustainable design (SD) credit.  All active AIA members must successfully complete 18 learning unit (LU) hours each year.

GREENGUARD Certification ProgramSM is a service mark of GREENGUARD Environmental Institute.

Mills®, Aerix®, Lenox®, Express®, Frequency®, and Advocate® are registered trademarks of Bradley Corporation.

Verge™, Lav Decks™, Sentry™, BradMate™, and Halo™ are trademarks of Bradley Corporation.


SECTION 10 28 13.19


1.1              SUMMARY

A.         Section Includes

1.         Toilet accessories for healthcare facility patient care.

1.2              RELATED SECTIONS

Specifier:  If retaining this optional article, delete any references below that do not apply to this project.

1.         Division 10 Section "Commercial Toilet Accessories" for general use toilet accessories.

2.         Division 22 Section "Healthcare Plumbing Fixtures" for plumbing fixtures specific to healthcare facility patient care.

1.3              REFERENCES

Specifier:  If retaining this optional article, edit to reflect standards cited in the completed section.

A.         American National Standards Institute (ANSI):

1.         ANSI A 117.1 - Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities.

B.         ASTM International (ASTM):

1.         ASTM A 666 - Standard Specification for Annealed or Cold-Worked Austenitic Stainless Steel Sheet, Strip, Plate, and Flat Bar.

2.         ASTM B 456 - Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Copper Plus Nickel Plus Chromium and Nickel Plus Chromium.

1.4              ACTION SUBMITTALS

A.         Product Data:  For each product:

1.         Manufacturer's product data sheets indicating operating characteristics, materials and finishes.  Mark each sheet with product designation.

2.         Mounting requirements and rough-in dimensions.

B.         LEED Submittals:

1.         Product data for Credit MR 4:  Indicate percentages by weight of postconsumer and preconsumer recycled content, and product cost.


A.         Operation, care and cleaning instructions.

1.6              QUALITY ASSURANCE

A.         Source Limitations:  For products listed together in the same Part 2 articles, obtain products from single source from single manufacturer.

B.         Manufacturer Qualifications:  Approved manufacturer listed in this section, with minimum [5] years experience in the manufacture of product types. Manufacturers seeking approval must submit the following:

1.         Product data, including test data from qualified independent testing agency indicating compliance with requirements.

2.         Samples of each component of product specified.

3.         List of successful installations of similar products available for evaluation by Architect.

4.         Submit substitution request not less than 15 days prior to bid date.


2.1              MANUFACTURERS

A.         Basis-of-Design Products:  Subject to compliance with requirements, provide commercial toilet accessories manufactured by Bradley Corporation, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051, (800) 272?3539, fax: (262) 251?5817; Email;  Website:

Specifier:  Retain one of three paragraphs below based upon Project requirements.

1.         Submit comparable products of one of the following for approval by Architect:

a.         [Specifier:  Insert name of manufacturer of comparable product.]

2.         Submit requests for substitution in accordance with Instructions to Bidders and Division 01 General Requirements.

3.         Provide specified product; Owner will not consider substitution requests.

2.2              MATERIALS

A.         Stainless Steel:  ASTM A 666 Type 304 (18-8); satin finish exposed surfaces unless otherwise indicated.

B.         Chrome Plating:  ASTM B 456, Service Condition Number SC 2, moderate service.

C.         Fasteners:

1.         Exposed:  Screws, bolts, and other devices of same material as accessory unit and tamper-and-theft resistant.

2.         Concealed:  Galvanized steel.


A.         Specimen Pass-Thru Cabinet:  2-sided, through-wall pass-through cabinet with friction-latching interlocked doors permitting operation of only one door at a time.

1.         Basis of Design:  Bradley Corp., Model 9813.

2.         Materials and Finish:  Stainless steel, satin finish on exposed surfaces.

3.         Cabinet: 18 ga./0.050 inch (1.27 mm) with removable spill tray.

4.         Flanges:  22 ga./0.031 inch (0.79 mm) adjustable through-wall mounting flanges to allow for wall thickness from 3 to 5-1/2 inches (76 to 140 mm).

5.         Doors:  22 ga./0.031 inch (0.79 mm), with full length spring piano hinge and chrome-plated pull knob, self-closing.

B.         Bed Pan Storage Cabinet:  Ventilated, wall-mounted cabinet with magnetic-latching door and removable drip pan sized to accommodate two bed pans.

1.         Basis of Design:  Bradley Corp., Model 990.

2.         Materials and Finish:  Stainless steel, satin finish on exposed surfaces.

3.         Cabinet: 22 ga./0.031 inch (0.79 mm), welded construction with leakproof construction and removable polyethylene drip pan.

4.         Door:  18 ga./0.050 inch (1.27 mm) with louvers bottom and top, full length spring piano hinge and rodstop,  and chrome-plated pull knob.

5.         Mounting:  [Recessed, with 5/8 inch (15.9 mm) reveal.] [Surface, with 5-9/16 inch (141.3 mm) projection.]

6.         Finish:  Stainless steel with satin finish on exposed surfaces.

C.         Bed Pan/Urinal Holder:  Wall-mounted backplate with brackets to accommodate one bed pan and one urinal bottle.

1.         Basis of Design:  Bradley Corp., Model 9905.

2.         Materials and Finish:  Stainless steel, satin finish on exposed surfaces.

3.         Backplate:  18 ga./0.050 inch (1.27 mm), welded construction.

4.         Brackets:  16 ga./0.0625 inch (1.6 mm).

5.         Size:  12 by 24 inches with 5-1/4 inch projection (305 by 610 mm with 133.3 mm projection).

2.4              FABRICATION

A.         General:  Fabricate units with tight seams and joints, and exposed edges rolled.  Hang doors and access panels with full-length, continuous hinges.  Equip units for concealed anchorage and with corrosion-resistant backing plates.


3.1              INSTALLATION

A.         Assemble fixtures and associated fittings and trim in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

B.         Install supports attached to building structure for equipment requiring supports.

C.         Install equipment level, plumb, and firmly in place in accordance with manufacturer's rough-in drawings.


A.         Repair or replace defective work, including damaged equipment and components.

B.         Clean unit surfaces, and leave in ready-to-use condition.





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