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Put your venue’s restrooms on center stage

All entertainment venues – museums, theatres or sports centers … big or small – have at least one common building goal: keeping washrooms among the main attractions. What’s not to love about a clean, attractive and comfortable washroom experience? When your restrooms give a good performance, your clientele notices. Well-designed products incorporate innovative technology that makes them easy and intuitive to use. Let Bradley’s washroom design solutions lock in rave reviews from clientele and maintenance staff.

Featured Product: Verge with Washbar Technology

The integrated design of the Verge basin in Evero natural quartz material and clean + rinse + dry functionality housed in the new single piece WashBar create an attractive intuitive space for handwashing. The Verge with the patented WashBar provides a completely touchless handwashing experience in a sleek and engaging design.

• One piece plated stainless steel WashBar includes touch-free soap, water and hand dryer

• LED lighting and easy to understand icons on the WashBar create an intuitive handwashing experience

• No simultaneous activations with WashBar Smart Technology

• Basin and drain engineered to evacuate water and dissipate air flow

• Single piece molded basin eliminates caulk lines and seams

• Washbar and basin system comes complete with mounting, access panel, drain assembly and plumbing connections

• Basin is constructed of beautiful, highly durable Evero Natural Quartz Surface - a blend of natural quartz, granite, exotic materials and bio-based resin

• Installs like a traditional sink and faucet - Here's How




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