State Government Procurement Regulations

Buy American Act ImageUnlike the Federal Government that uses the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) as the primary source for procurement rules, State Government purchasing regulations are governed at the state level through statutes and administrative codes. These typically vary from state to state. The responsibility and authority of State purchases takes place within the Department of Administration (DOA).

State and local agencies typically make purchases through various methods defined in the table below:

Dollar Thresholds Types Methods
< $1,000 Sole source buys Government credit card
> $1,000
< $10,000
Informal Quotes obtained from 3 sources Verbal, Email, Fax
> $10,001

< $25,000

Formal Request for Quotation obtained from at least 3 sources In writing only
> $25,000 Formal request for proposal or invitation to bid In writing only, bids are announced publicly

State Government procurement regulations use of Country of Origin requirements that are different than at the Federal Government level and, once again, vary from state to state. State agencies typically incorporate American Made preferences into their purchases and are required to abide by World Trade Organization agreements. If the State project uses ARRA funds, then the OMB (Office of Management and Budget) interim rules apply and the specific procurement requirements will be identified by the project´s specifications.

Like with Federal Government contracts, it is important to identify and understand the specific procurement rules established by the State or Local Government entity to ensure compliancy with the product or service being offered.

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